General EEEMCal Meeting Summary 8/9/21

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PARTICIPANTS: Carlos, Hamlet, Hrachya, JNS, Miroslav, Petr, Renee, Vardan, Vladimir, Tanja, Rosi, Nathaly, Lei, Crytur-USA, Pete


  • See presentations from EICUGM2021


  • Using data from ECCE June 2021 simulation campaign - see page 8-14 in presentation for updates from last time
  • single particle electron - one event, sum all towers: 2.8%/sqrtE + 0.5%
  • cluster analysis with min deltaR: 2.4%/sqrtE + 2.5% - but not clear why the constant term increases from 0.5% to 2.5% as clustering is used
  • for barrel see too many events 636 as compared to 1.2 for the endcap - matching in the CEMC seems to not work correctly
  • additional information on ECCE barrel EMCAL:
  • In the analysis:
  • did a standard conversion, no detailed calibration constants
  • did not yet take into account optics (except maybe for barrel depending on implementation)
  • Action Items
  • further investigate clustering in ECCE
  • further investigate barrel EMCal in ECCE
  • new data: ECCE July 2021 simulations data should be ready later this week
  • new data: ATHENA simulation campaign also expected to be ready later this week

PREDESIGN (Carlos and IJCLab-Orsay Team)

  • Baseline: Athena (biggest calorimeter)
  • Exploring where one could put PCB electronics and where to put cooling (fans, etc.) - circular design from back, water cooling in internal ring (small surface area)
  • Cooling is a combination of cooling from inside and back
  • Assembly
  • 2-3cm frame needed for support
  • longitudinally assume space available up to end of DIRC frame (end of prism)
  • attached to "DIRC" frame - allows sliding in and out and mounted at predefined mounting points for accuracy
  • inner circle respects beamline - clearance ~1cm
  • space behind crystals/glass for SiPM/electronics boards --> on order of 20-30cm, more for crystals as these are shorter
  • For further design would need more information on electronics/cabling etc.
  • Action Item:
  • Meet with project in last week of August or first week of September


  • Preparations for beam tests at JLab and DESY ongoing
  • For JLab beam tests expect energies: average ~4.5 GeV; full range 2-6 GeV
  • Crytur prototype detector
  • construction ongoing - ESR reflector preshape sent
  • readout electronics ongoing