General Meeting Agenda 6/18/15

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  • Updates on crystals and Rainer's visit at JLab
  • Readout and trigger electronics (Alex)
    • two FADCs = 32 channels in LHRS with DVCS electronics
    • upgraded firmware to last version
    • working on readout list
    • use spare cables to look at cosmics PbWO4 to compare pulse shape with DVCS electronics and FADC : if possible would like to setup one PbWO4 crystal in DVCS black box similarly to how we test the spare DVCS block, need to count number of spare cables ( maybe 10, could add more for FADC since timing does not matter )
    • Timeline : finish readout, small FADC analysis code and take cosmics with DVCS and FADC, could consider do same test with beam later ( might add one ARS dedicated to PbWO4 )
    • still need to get GTP from Ben and start setup in Test Lab for trigger testing ( no VXS crate in HRS for lack of rack space )
  • Equipment funding update (David)
  • TAC and theory reports of PAC43 submissions
  • Other...