General Meeting Summary 10/6/22

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PARTICIPANTS: Fernando Barbosa, Vardan Tadevosyan, Hamlet Mkrtchyan, Tanja Horn, Brannon Semp, Steven Lassiter, Marie Boer, Yeran Ghandilyan, Carlos Munoz-Camacho, Brad Sawatzky, Rolf Ent, Julie Roche, Mark Jones, David Hamilton,


  • Have been working on test bench to identify best solution for internal shielding to reduce noise
  • has been an issue with short - low voltage cable was the source - but it has been resolved
  • Concern about noise too high causing pile up - modified five production units with filters to address that
  • with level of oscillations observed can't rely on fADC to filter out high frequency noise (output on amplifier is on level 1 volt (1000mV); and have earlier seen 1V signals peak to peak, may clip
  • noise (sinusoidal) not dependent on HV
  • Next critical step: test with fADC - what is already installed in NPS. This test will show in which direction to go, i.e., if good proceed with modifying the dividers, if not good need to continue looking for a solution to address the noise
  • want to test five modified and five unmodified units with fADC
  • Plan test with cosmics through group of crystals as soon as next week - critical to see if the modifications of the five units is good --> bottleneck since all depends on the outcome of this
  • correlated signals and check noise level; trigger not needed yet
  • if look good then additional tests and set up cosmic trigger
  • should have results in week of October 10th and based on that decide on path forward
  • Action items and timeline - highest priority: need to resolve noise issue
  • identify a good solution and test it - Fernando identified a solution; now need to test it
  • test with cosmics through group of crystals - see if modifications of five units is good; should have results in week of October 10th
  • continue tests that facilitate things in the long run and figure out the
  • modify bases/dividers (big job) - U. Glasgow team could help with modifications if bases can be shipped to Glasgow
  • install based
  • full test to do before moving to the hall


  • Aluminum panels installed in effort to turn NPS into Faraday cage - should help against external noise
  • French team on site for 1-2 weeks supporting activities:
  • installed thermal couples in NPS
  • aluminum panel installation
  • working with DSG to hook up readout; tested on DSG bench - to readout temperature and humidity
  • hooking up cables between detector and DAQ, all fADCs installed and cables being strung; Yeran (CUA) has been helping with that
  • DAQ is reading out (Brian Moffit)
  • diagnostic and CODA readback is working
  • Cable bundling (Hakob et al.)
  • Pramita (OU) will help and support DAQ readout
  • Yeran (CUA) can help 1-2 hours too
  • Installation of 10 stage bypasses scintillator (Vladimir)


  • In general, good progress with software
  • Event unblocking - need to identify direction
  • pursue unblocking upstream of Analyzer itself - can be tested anytime and should be
  • additional crates available for the testing
  • Near term: run in single trigger mode
  • Will switch to blocked mode - needed to address trigger rates for actual kinematics in hall
  • VTP cluster finding
  • ET changes for CODA3
  • doing the unblocking on crate might make this easier


  • work ongoing revised beamline corrected coil
  • work ongoing on cable run from patch panel to NPS through penetration
  • NPS power supply in and should be tested in testlab


  • QCD Town meeting successful for NPS
  • slide presentation went well
  • next step is a White Paper from the QCD Town meeting that will serve as input to the NSAC Long Range Plan Writing Committee
  • Members of NPS institutions are on the NSAC LRP Writing Committee
  • LRP final draft is expected in Fall 2023
  • Discussion about submission of NPS specific White Paper - seems not needed this time as NPS is included in the country submissions already


  • Need to schedule it, preferably near Collaboration meeting
  • come back to the scheduling after know in which direction things go with the divider
  • Nominally on schedule in July 2023