General Meeting Summary 11/2/17

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CRYSTAL UPDATES (Vladimir, Rong Wang, Tanja)

  • Checked subset of boxes of the 320 crystal set for feedback on invoicing - so far all looked ok
  • Optical measurements of 320 crystal set ongoing at CUA - currently have 60 crystals (6 boxes)
  • Based on microscopy results carried out in collaboration with VSL, crystal quality not as good as Crytur's
  • Transmittance tests suggest that most crystals pass requirement at 420nm and 620nm. A large fraction fails the 360nm requirement.
  • Light yield tests show a large spread of results from 10 p.e./MeV to almost 30 p.e./MeV, also includes crystals with even higher apparent light yield.
  • Sampling method for crystal chemical analysis established in collaboration with VSL
  • Looking for correlations between crystals with extreme high/low optical properties and chemical composition
  • Discussion about optical measurements methods and future studies
  • for accept/reject tests, continue measurements currently ongoing
  • to see what can be achieved in terms of resolution will use prototype, perhaps with best/worst set of crystals
  • Tests of Crytur crystals from different crystallization number ongoing at CUA
  • in collaboration with Giessen Univ.
  • also discussions ongoing with Crytur
  • Tests of 10 SICCAS crystals ongoing at IPN-Orsay
  • observed discrepancies with CUA measurements, but not with as uniform offsets as anticipated
  • planning to perform measurements at Giessen Univ. with Valera Dormenev
  • Note: recent measurements of Crytur crystals are consistent between CUA and Giessen Univ.


  • Goal is to have an easy access and search software including all information about crystals and PMTs
  • A mysql structure based on that of Hall D is presented - send comments on what to include o Vladimir


  • Most recent PMTs have the correct sockets
  • Next steps: assembly and mount divider (Fernando)
  • PMT testing: Hamlet will check with Fernando about a testing setup at JLab
  • Discussion about correlation between measurements with PMTs of different diameters

MAGNET (Bogdan)

  • Main coil still on schedule for end of year
  • Yoke also still on schedule


  • The preliminary agenda is presented, fits generally after the Hall C meeting on Tuesday, waiting for Thia for confirmation if NPS meeting can start at 3pm
  • TCS talk will be in general Hall C meeting