General Meeting Summary 12/2/21

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PARTICIPANTS: Paulo, Brad, Fernando, Vardan, Hakob, Steven, Aaron, Rolf, Carlos, Julie, Tanja, Hamlet, Bogdan, Christine, Vladimir, Marie

NPS PMT HV DIVIDER (Fernando, Vladimir, Chris)

  • Tests: laser HV=605V@405uA, amplitude 10% of max
  • PCB 2 layer (previous) vs 4 layer+shielded (new) - considerably lower noise for 4 layer
  • Max peak amplitude (944mV) within fADC250 1V scale
  • Good linearity, wide bandwidth
  • slight slope as approaching 10 mHz very likely associated with change in pedestal, not pile up
  • linearity < 1%
  • Next step: upcoming test to assess detector shielding on baseline noise
  • Long lead time 10-12 weeks of HV dividers delays NPS assembly
  • takes longer than previously expected - now article arrival in ~March 2022, then still need to do socket assembly and testing
  • may be related to global supply shortages
  • earliest assembly time for NPS based on this: April 2022
  • staged delivery schedule allows for testing incrementally and all assemblies available ~1week after week 12
  • Actions:
  • carry out remaining tests
  • expect to submit procurement within a week


  • Reflector shaping ongoing (~55% complete)
  • perhaps more space needed
  • crystal wrapping - 3 months in 2022
  • Optimizing screen development - converted to CSS Phoebus
  • includes a temperature map
  • Thermal analysis - added further details to the model
  • Action: Christine check at ODU on status of reflector pre-shaping


  • check with DSG about crystal wrapping
  • make list of preassembly items
  • stock room accounts
  • room for crystal wrapping (assumed is 126) and storage (clean room?)
  • make an editable list of preassembly items


  • mechanical roof block - vendor same as for SHMS
  • material largely available (boron), shredded plastic is bottleneck
  • beamline - beampipe designs release expected early next week, supports, corrector magnet coil support - a clamp or so
  • Next:
  • reinforcing target platform
  • cable run tray supports
  • Action: Paulo follow up with Bogdan on corrector magnet


  • Main item: discussion of NPS preassembly/assembly plans