General Meeting Summary 12/3/20

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PARTICIPANTS: Aaron Brown, Alexandre Camsonne, Bogdan Wojtsekhowski, Carlos Munoz-Camacho, Carlos Yero, Charles Hyde, Rolf Ent, Hamlet Mkrtchyan, Marie Boer, Paulo Medeiros, Stephen Wood, Steven Lassiter, Vardan Tadevosyan, Tanja Horn, Vladimir Berdnikov, Julie Roche, Hakob Voskanyan


  • Frame dimensions: 1,80m (long) x 0,9 (high) x1,44 (wide) m
  • weight: 500 kg
  • Cooling tests
  • dry air/nitrogen - what flow/pressure is needed?
  • documentation is being prepared - should be ready by end of January
  • Box
  • Fans/chiller running on 110V, no need for transformer
  • Remaining: cabling for interface boards - assembling at rate 1-2 boards/day
  • Expect shipping on January 5th, 2021 - need storage in ~mid-January
  • expect one large and 2-3 smaller boxes


  • EEL126 space checked for reflector preshaping activities - discussion about if this space could also be used for NPS assembly
  • note that the total space in EEL126 is much larger than shown - what is show is the space that would be assigned to NPS activities
  • what is needed after assembly for testing - example DVCS
  • test channel-by-channel or all channels together - to test all channels together seems very difficult outside the hall
  • typically only assembly in workspace, for electronics testing might need another space
  • could perhaps test groups of channels
  • Action:
  • update EEL126 drawing with two people max
  • EEL126 seems suitable for preshaping activities - expect 4-6 months are needed and assume start in February 2021
  • continue discussion about testing plan after mechanical assembly and best space for that

MECHANICAL (Steve, Paulo)

  • Work on corrector magnet and beamline drawings
  • Detailed updates from Paulo:
  • The base for the detector has not been procured yet - waiting until the detector was in final design and mounting layout confirmed.
  • will start working on getting the drawing out for the carriage next week. Hopefully will have it in procurement by 12/15. It is a simple design made mostly of purchased components and should be complete in early January


  • HV Cables - almost done!
  • HV module testing - ramp testing, mainly for latency, in beginning some problems with that, malfunctioning channels, trip testing,
  • Next set of cables to start: multiconductor cables

SOFTWARE (Carlos Y., Steve, Alexandre)

  • Wiki page with links to existing DVCS software posted
  • Could inherit from the SHMS calorimeter class, but it might be better to copy it and rework it.
  • Note though that the NPS analyzer probably needs to do different things than the SHMS analyzer, e.g. reading raw waveform data for the NPS calorimeter is not part of the SHMS calorimeter code


  • Agenda draft - general idea: repository of status and what remains to be done - intro slides for each topic and discussion, not formal talks
  • Topics to add:
  • Test plans on what to do: 1) before moving to hall, 2) in the hall
  • Experiment requirements, e.g. table/template of items (rates, precision, background, radiation dose, range, etc.)
  • Frame assembly plan