General Meeting Summary 2/9/17

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  • Main coil awarded to Buckley
  • Discussion about yoke procurement
  • Multiple quotes available, the lowest are from Buckley and Standard Machine (not a standard magnet building company, which may have an impact on cost and scheduling)
  • Action item: check procedures at ODU
  • Corrector coil procurement can start as soon as final numbers are available


  • Good discussions and feedback on KL science case
  • Good progress with photon source designs - will have a follow-up meeting in next few weeks to converge on parameters


  • Frame design
  • priority is on finalizing design of light monitoring, curing, temperature control systems
  • Magnet
  • Discussion about relaxing timeline to plan to map NPS magnet to confirm fringe field estimates
  • Action item: update phrasing in document
  • Cabling, DAQ, electronics
  • Currently, cabling layout to detector frame assumes the same configuration as used in HyCal, need to check the details (connectors etc)
  • Action item: get drawings from Hycal to check connectors and see how cables go to patch, if choose different connectors, then need to evaluate (also in context of frame design)
  • Action item: check with Brad Sawatsky on final cable drawings and layout of experimental hall
  • Crystals
  • Could be beneficial for both NPS and EIC R&D projects to expedite the write-up on quality assurance, required infrastructure and methods