General Meeting Summary 5/4/17

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  • Steel plates are at the company and cutting them for yoke construction is ongoing
  • Coil construction is ongoing - a few questions about the conductor direction and number of coils for the corrector coil are being addressed


  • Long cable tests sow no significant impact on the signal beyond ~10% expected attenuation
  • Tests of divider with fADC show good linearity up to 1-2 MHz for signal amplitudes ~400 mV at PMT HV of 1100 V
  • Initial tests seemed to suggest that the amplitude changes, but it was found that it is really the LED that changes intensity - for more detail, see Fernando's report
  • Discussion about final drawings of HV divider
  • current design meets the specifications and could go ahead with it. The remaining question is if there is sufficient mechanical space, i.e. for the connectors. This can be determined by looking at the 3x3 prototype
  • changing the design to a circular one would save some space, but benefit is mostly in the vertical direction. Developing and testing a circular design would take 1-2 months
  • Action Items:
  • Arthur will take a photograph and/or measurements of the 3x3 prototype
  • Hamlet will check with Fernando about finalizing the drawings for the HV divider
  • Documentation of everything regarding HV dividers (needed for divider construction and also for finalizing the detector frame design)


  • Clean room at JLab is almost ready and should be ready in 3-4 weeks
  • some work still ongoing on roof
  • power will be 6-8 outlets for 110V - no 3-phase power
  • Space outside the clean room will be available for NPS magnet


  • Discussion of the recommendations provided to WACS representatives by Tanja (NPS), Thia and Rolf (JLab)
  • Another meeting with WACS, NPS and JLab representatives will be held in the week of 7 May
  • Topics will include updates on background (engineering questions, apertures), heat load and compatibility, as well as proposal submission to upcoming PAC
  • Discussion about compatibility of the photon source in different halls - Hall C has some advantage due to existing beamline chicane