General Meeting Summary 6/11/20

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PARTICIPANTS: Alex Camsonne, Bogdan Wojtsekhowski, Charles Hyde Dustin Keller, Rolf Ent, Fernando Barbosa, Carlos Munoz-Camacho, Hamlet Mkrtchyan, Paulo Medeiros, Hakob Voskanyan, Tanja Horn, Marie Boer, Jacob Murphy, Eric Voutier, Vardan Tadevosyan, Julie Roche, Amy Comer, Vladimir Berdnikov


1) DVCS with Positrons (Carlos)

  • Goal: clean separation of DVCS2 term from DVCS-BH interference - more stringent constraint on CFFs
  • Same experimental configuration as approved E12-13-010, 77 days, >5uA positrons, 25% of electron beam time
  • Discussion:
  • General comment on proposal document: add an executive summary - start document more general, start with formulas, then what is unique about positrons, why it is crucial to measure DVCS2
  • For fit improvement discussion perhaps best to say that shown are the uncertainties for the approved electron statistics and assumed positron statistics
  • For correlations to make point that can much better separate H/Htilde make plot 1D or emphasize the improvement, e.g. with numbers - highlight the most relevant part in the matrix and reduce emphasis on the rest of it
  • Proposal can formally list the support of the NPS collaboration

2) TCS (Marie, Dustin, Vardan)

  • Discussion of the posted document:
  • Document is 100 pages long - too long, too much on phenomenology, not enough on experiment
  • Very theory heavy - too much formalism, better to give highlights, most important points and references to the details
  • Include a high level summary as suggested for DVCS with positrons - must make clear in very beginning what the proposal is about
  • Experimental section incomplete - need to include background estimates etc.
  • Most crucial: will the detector actually work?
  • One possible approach: discuss in ~20 pages how addressed PAC questions and leave the rest as backup
  • Action Item: update document and circulate for comments