General Meeting Summary 7/19/18

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SWEEPING MAGNET (Charles, Bogdan)

  • Magnet assembly ongoing in test lab
  • Magnet mapping setup has been designed - need to check with Walt about fit into test lab infrastructure
  • Measurement will be at multiple positions inside magnet gap
  • Device has a 80 inch travel path longitudinal and also moves up and down, uses a stepper motor - could in principle do continuous measurements
  • Note: in test lab will only measure at small fraction of total magnet power (~10%), will not saturate the iron - need some sort of hysteresis curve
  • Action Item: Magnet mapping procedure test plan specifying:
  • What currents
  • What step sizes
  • How many measurements
  • What precision
  • What hall probe - might not have one for all three axes


  • Mass production of crystal-PMT-HV-divider assembly has started
  • Prototype bigger than originally planned - need to characterize additional 60 crystals from SICCAS 2017 shipment

CRYSTALS (Vladimir, Tanja, Carlos)

  • Preparations for shipping bad crystals back to China ongoing
  • Procurement of crystals from CRYTUR and SICCAS ongoing - final numbers depend on pricing
  • Discussion about plans for next FY
  • SICCAS meeting with company at their facility in Shanghai on 23 July (8:30am-noon China time)
  • Discussions will include presentations on NPS/EIC projects (Carlos), FCAL-II and Comcal (Liping) and by the company

HV BASES (Rolf for Julie)

  • Some bases were brought to JLab - connectors are very large, but can deal with it

FRAME (Carlos)

  • Building 3x3 prototype to test mechanical assembly - goal is to test how easy and practical it is to assemble crystals and to replace a PMT, e.g. the one in the middle
  • difference to HyCal: use screws on the back to push PMT against crystal, no glue at contact, optical grease will be used
  • discussion about compensating the force - in RCS used a back support structure
  • discussion about dead zones between crystals - for each crystal have support in front and back - held together globally by the box, carbon frame only at front and back to reduce material (dead zones) between crystals
  • Action item: include front plate in simulation to check possible effect on resolution