General Meeting Summary 8/25/22

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PARTICIPANTS: Hamlet Mkrtchyan, Emmanuel Rindl, Carlos Munoz-Camacho, Aaron Brown, Brad Sawatzky, Chris Stanislav, Deb Biswas, Gyang Chung, Hakob Voskanyan, Julie Roche, Mahmoud Gomina, Marie Boer, Oliver Jevons, Paul King, Pramita, Rolf Ent, Steven Lassiter, Vardan Tadevosyan, Tanja Horn, Vladimir Berdnikov, Yeran Ghandilyan, Paulo Medeiros


  • Cable bundling - lead by AANL (Hamlet, Vardan)
  • very good progress, but lack of resources makes the task challenging
  • another issue: Hamlet and Vardan are leaving soon for Armenia
  • Action item: check availability of resources to keep this task on track
  • Noise mitigation - earlier a source of noise was identified that was traced to the oscillator on the dividers
  • the noise has been reproduced in different setups at different times and seems to depend on the dividers themselves
  • investigations have been ongoing to understand the source(s) of the noise and to find solutions to address it
  • there are two possible solutions
  • per PMT/base (questions on fabrication/ease of installation since need ~1000+ of them)
  • voltage divider shield (advantage for fabrication, questions on installation)
  • Concern about NPS enclosure - support structure is unistrut, but large areas made of plastic - as a possible source of background for the full detector.
  • needs additional checks
  • Action items and path forward:
  • test within the next 1-2 weeks the different noise mitigation solutions to determine if they can efficiently address the noise issue (one involves a shorter Cu foil for the voltage divider shield solution)
  • switch on HV on closed NPS - make sure that oscillations don't come back
  • if all good, then can look into production within ~1 month


  • NPS HV controls and monitoring
  • some items are slightly delayed, but are overall in good shape
  • Chiller and control monitoring
  • Action items:
  • generate/post documentation (for non-experts) on to bring up screens that should be tested in RM108, for example, instructions on LV, HV, info on chiller, fault screens etc.
  • Add info on thermal readbacks - not included in the present slides


  • Beamline is on order - delivery expected in early September
  • Dolleys are in for cable management
  • Two questions
  • Q1: Can the delivery of the beamline be delayed to give vendor more time and to make sure that the components can be stored safely at JLab?
  • Q2: Connection to window target: can the same dimensions be used as we use currently? Otherwise, if a smaller hole is needed then need to order new parts
  • Note that the lengths of the beamline components are relatively short (~6 feet) --> for Q1 plan on getting the beamline fabricated and put on mezzanine in RM108
  • Discussion about vacuum in beamline and target
  • vacuum level will be same, but not material
  • pressure difference is conductivity here
  • Action items:
  • check with Bogdan on Q2
  • work out cable management for NPS in Hall C


  • In 2014 NPS submitted a White Paper for the Cold QCD Town Meeting at Temple U. (13-14 September 2014) - focused on the instrumentation project
  • The paper was posted on the meeting web page
  • White Papers were used as input by the Long Range Plan Writing Committee
  • NPS has a brief mention in the LRP text
  • Start of a discussion if NPS should submit a White Paper for the upcoming town meeting (and/or other long range plan activities) on the NPS Science Program over the next decade
  • In general, there are no objections to preparing such a draft