General Meeting Summary 9/1/16

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  • Magnet coil procurement
  • Initial quote came in high
  • Requests for quotations have been sent out to additional vendors
  • Working on simplification of coil design, e.g. optimization of geometry. Also increased horizontal gap to accomodate the 3m position of the magnet (most benefit for large angles) - expect coil cost to be lower; iron cost should not be affected
  • Action Items
  • Coil drawings finalize and sent out quotation requests in week of 11 Sept
  • Send out steel cutting quotation requests a few days after coil requests sent out
  • Engineering concurrence on both items seems to have been obtained, but should double-check


  • Discussion about update on C-W base design
  • working base up to 1000 V with pulse-to-pulse gain fluctuations <2% and gain stability <3% up to 1 MHz
  • full prototype not yet completed
  • expect progress to be slower not since student who worked on project moved on to graduate school
  • Discussion about choice of Hamlet's design vs. C-W base design
  • Advantages of C-W are simplified cabling and reduced heat generation
  • Rate capability as compared to Hamlet's design not yet shown in detail - have both dividers been tested with the same conditions, e.g., gain stability vs. rate?
  • There may also be other operational issues with C-W - Hall D used or uses them.
  • Action Items: 1) check with Hall C on significance of cabling issue - can we live with the scenario associated with Hamlet's design? 2) Seek advice from Hall D collaboration on operational issues of C-W base
  • Decision on HV bases will be made at next NPS meeting


  • Discussion about cost estimates from SIC and CRYTUR
  • SIC: $1000/pc (company says they can meet all spec, only LY cannot be guaranteed)
  • CRYTUR: 1500-2000 euro/pc based on PANDA experience, but since NPS crystals are simpler, the final price may be lower
  • Discussion about next steps
  • There is a strong correlation between characterization of crystals and any procurement of crystals - how convinced are we that specs are met?
  • Could purchase smaller subsets from company to carry out further tests to convince ourselves that specs are indeed met - ideally, expect only 10-15% of crystals to fail specs
  • PANDA seems to have abandoned SICCAS option, so if want more feedback about crystal quality from that company, would be good to do further testing
  • in general, a patchwork of crystals from different companies are acceptable. Crystals would be installed in the matrix depending on their performance, e.g., not so good crystals would be installed on the outer edge (like done in CMS)
  • Action Item: Keep doing characterization studies and then make decision


  • Discussion about the recently submitted JSA Initiative Proposal
  • Tentative workshop dates are in early January to avoid APS April meeting, which will take place around 28 Jan 2017 in DC
  • Collaboration thinks that the WS is a good idea and some discussion that one may even consider it the annual NPS collaboration meeting
  • Workshop dates could be further optimized in upcoming meeting - check also with Hall A/C about their annual winter meeting schedule
  • Topics for workshop should include concrete science that helps HD and others, as well as technical aspects about the source itself


  • Magnet update
  • PMT HV Bases
  • Crystals and PMTs
  • Other...