General Meeting Summary 9/12/13

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  • PbWO4 quotes from three different vendors (Crytur, Kinheng, SICCAS) received so far range between $1000 and $3000 per crystal, which is a factor of at least 4 higher than what was assumed in the cost estimation for FCAL-II we used for original estimations
  • Best estimate based on available quotes may be $1,000-$1,500 per crystal
  • Some discussion on path forward
  • Combine efforts on PbWO4 with other labs/experiments
  • PANDA is considering PbWO4 for the EM calorimeter of the target spectrometer. It would be interesting to learn more about their vendor experience.
  • BNL may also be considering PbWO4 for new detectors or upgrades. It would be good to learn more about the details, e.g., requirements, vendor experience, time scale.
  • CMS is replacing their forward PbWO4 calorimeter. It would be interesting to learn about the timescale of this replacement
  • Use PbF2 from DVCS/HA to fill outer region of NPS reducing total number of PbWO4 crystals needed
  • About 200 PbF2 crystals of dimension 3cm x 3cm exist
  • Explore funding options in Europe
  • Orsay funds may be available on timescale two years
  • Possibly request funding in a combined proposal France/UK/Italy to European funding opportunity
  • Explore additional vendor options in, e.g., Russia and Japan
  • TH communicated with Tohuku group about contact information
  • Julie/Rolf/Hamlet may have additional contacts in Japan and/or Russia
  • Once best estimate confirmed, contact NSF to discuss best option for MRI. MRI deadline is 23 January 2014
  • Overview on crystals and rough estimate of NPS PbWO4 requirements:
  • Choice of PMTs
  • PMTs from Primex (Hamamatsu R4125, 19mm diameter, gain about 8.7E+5 at 1.5kV max. anode voltage and rise time 2.5ns) work for NPS. Note that we have designed a new active voltage divider that improves the performance of the PMT compared to the performance in PrimEx by a factor of 25.
  • Ask quotation from Hamamatsu on this PMT and/or any with similar characteristics
  • Some discussion about LSO/LYSO crystals as alternative to PbWO4
  • Crystals are under study for next generation HEP experiments
  • Pricing seems to be $3,000/crystal
  • Caltech group is working with LSO/LYSO for PANDA detectors. It would be interesting to learn more about this.


  • Best day is Thursday, 14 November. Location will be JLab
  • It would be good to start planning out the agenda by our next meeting in October. Some initial ideas on topics are discussed:
  • Theory discussion on physics interpretation of RCS (C. Weiss, P. Kroll, other, ...)
  • Discussion on plans for submission for pi0 photoproduction proposal (Dipangkar, other...)
  • Update from Designer on NPS design (M. Fowler, other ...)
  • Discussion on electronics (Fast electronics group)
  • Update on HC plans/status


  • Budgetary quotes for PbWO4 and PMTs (PbWO4: Hamlet, Julie, Rolf, TH; PMTs: Charles)
  • Updates from other facilities and their experience and plans for PbWO4 purchases (Carlos, Rolf)
  • Continue discussion of NPS project funding strategies
  • Agenda for next collaboration meeting