General Meeting Summary 9/15/22

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PARTICIPANTS: Aaron Brown, Alexandre Camsonne, Fernando Barbosa, Bogdan Wojtsekhowski, Charles Hyde, David Hamilton, Hamlet Mkrtchyan, Mahmoud Gomina, Rolf Ent, Vardan Tadevosyan, Vladimir Berdnikov, Tanja Horn, Carlos Munoz-Camacho, Brad Sawatzky, Marie Boer, Pramita Tiwari, Paulo Medeiros, Julie Roche, Oliver Jevons


  • Shielding of NPS box (IJCLab-Orsay team)
  • Box shielding plates need to be manufactured by Sept 26th - holes for screws IJCLab team can do themselves
  • IJCLab-Orsay teams start arriving in week of September 19th and stay for about 3 weeks (third week plan to concentrate on cables)
  • no obvious negatives for having the shielding around the box
  • Noise issue: NPS divider - pick up noise (Fernando)
  • focus is on uncontrolled sources
  • two types of shielding: external (around mounting hardware for single assembly) and internal (under mounting hardware)
  • shielding connection considered - PCB, assembly, both
  • tested with oscilloscope and see decrease in observed EMI
  • Next:
  • test with fADC - what is already installed in NPS
  • DAQ is working - can do testing with first columns of the fADCs
  • light tightness test
  • grounding test
  • Cabling
  • Hakob on site now
  • Glasgow U. team can come to help around Thanksgiving (third week November)
  • Call for more people to help with this important task
  • Action items for noise issue:
  • test with fADC - what is already installed in NPS
  • light tightness test
  • grounding test


  • Controls and monitoring screens
  • Software for HV is ready to go
  • DSG NPS documentation
  • Access to HV and LV in 108 - instructions on wiki page
  • Action items:
  • add any remaining NPS documentation/instructions to wiki


  • DAQ running and also have software for it - it's already on Github
  • Ready for testing with first columns of the fADCs


  • In discussion for Town Meeting (but not yet confirmed): Hall C Future talk - make two slides for it
  • Two slides material
  • Show how NPS looks like - crucial part of Hall C future science
  • Point to the science program including neutron DVCS
  • Submission content:
  • Large collaboration constructed
  • Science program importance (vibrant, 8 experiments, etc.)
  • including prospects for positron beam

Action items:

  • submit open mic
  • make slides and ask for feedback