General Meeting Summary 9/22/16

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  • Presentation of base design evaluation based on experience with CW bases in Hall D and specific evaluation of NPS active base vs. CW base (E. Chudakov, F. Barbosa,J. Segal)
  • Discussion of NPS base design
  • Expert conclusions seem quite clear - perhaps no benefit in further continuing CW studies. Also, resources to continue these studies at ODU are limited now that student left
  • In principle, could do a side-by-side comparison of CW and active bases, but unclear if this will provide additional information beyond what we already know
  • Concerning MRI reviewer, we did explore what is possible, and so did complete what was asked
  • In general, there does not seem anything wrong with active base design(s)
  • Unless the costs of cables are unsurmountable it seems to make sense to move forward with active base design
  • General conclusion: move ahead with active base design
  • Action Items:
  • Clarify the details of the additional tests that F. Barbosa suggested for active base design
  • Locate the active base design and the bases themselves (at universities/JLab) and determine if any optimizations are needed


  • Discussion about magnet coil
  • Two formal quotes (based on original coil design) were received. Vary between ~$110k and ~$190k - compared to ~$40k quoted in 2015
  • Recent efforts: simplify coil design (increase radius, change winding scheme) - companies are still interested in this project
  • Tosca calculations are done, but no production drawings from designers yet
  • Discussion about details of the actual construction/winding of the coil based on a picture Bogdan shows of a winding jig and coil
  • some of the manufacturing details, e.g., inserting a straight section between long section of coil and radius to insert a clamp, raise discussion of flat coil. Note that originally the quotes for flat and current coil designs were very similar
  • estimate that initial drawings for new coil design quotation requests could be ready within ~1week
  • Discussion about steel cutting
  • there is enough iron, but need exact dimensions/drawings in, e.g., thickness, or there could be large uncertainties in the quotations
  • designers have not yet looked at this
  • Note that recent changes only affect large angle side


  • Discussion about PMT magnetic shielding tests with NPS prototype
  • Experimental verification of our default PMT shielding solution
  • Discussion about crystals
  • Studies still ongoing at CUA and Orsay. Irradiation at CUA temporarily on hold as waiting to get Xray system replaced or repaired. Xray system at UVa not suitable for these studies, but may be ok for testing radiation hardness of EIC DIRC lens
  • Action item: post the crystal requirements, e.g. dimensions etc.


  • Discussion about choice of dates
  • Too close to New Year may not be optimal due to university administration
  • Jan 10 is JLab UBOD and HA/HC meetings may be around 13/14 Jan
  • Best choice seems to be 25/26 January just before APS meeting


  • Magnet update
  • Crytals and PMTs
  • Other...