General Meson SF Meeting Summary 2/25/22

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PARTICIPANTS: Patrick Barry, Arun Tadepalli, Cedric Mezrag, Garth Huber, JM Morgado, Love Preet, Rolf Ent, Stephen Kay, Tobias Frederico, Tanja Horn, Rachel Montgomery, John Arrington,

PRESENTATION on progress with global fitting and lattice (Patrick Barry) Slides

  • Uncertainties at large-x
  • may not be appropriate to plot because given by constraints - expect to blow up more outside the domain
  • Global analysis of pion PDF - tension of including DY and LN together or alone?
  • did not know well enough uncertainties of sea quark and gluon PDFs earlier - now have a better understanding
  • with DY alone analysis have shaded bands not well constrained at low x - when dealing with analysis of PDFs then all have to sum up
  • when constrain better could put boundary and say at some point no DY contribution etc.
  • Few points seem to drive the entire analysis - seems dangerous in that it could drive analysis. Is there a possible under-analysis of error bar?
  • need to think about both lattice and experimental data
  • if only take low momentum lattice then do not have a large range in jaffe time and constrained in x, if take also into account data then get larger range
  • signal to noise increases with momentum, small momentum have small uncertainties (see slides)
  • mainly seems a lattice question
  • how to control error on most precise data point?
  • Parameterization shapes - are studies helping in that?
  • more data would definitely help
  • one example: large pT data
  • Experiments that may provide data include TDIS in Hall A
  • ongoing efforts to remove condition on the experiment approval - requires a review
  • experiment could run as soon as 2024
  • BONUS12 has some pion data
  • Eric Christy is the contact person


  • Stephen JD Kay - Pion Form Factor at EIC from ECCE Simulations update
  • Examined results with different IP/B field configurations

NEXT MEETING: week of March 21

  • Presentation on theory progress (Tobias Frederico)