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  • DAQ and firmware
  • Slow controls
  • Decoding software (FADC mode10, VTP data, unblocking)
  • Online software (raw displays, gui, interface with ET system)
  • Offline reconstruction (clustering algorithm, multi-threading)
  • Other business

DAQ and slow control update (Brad)

  • Move to EEL 108 delayed but all hardware needed (cdaql3, monitor, etc) is in hand.
  • Slow controls are in good shape (Brad met with Aaron) including HV, chiller and thermal readback.
  • Still a bit of work needed on the LED board GUI but we can control from the terminal during initial tests.

Online software update (Julie)

  • Julie and Pramita working on analysing SHMS PionLT mode10 data.
  • There was a question about the timeline for "first interesting data". Brad suggested it would probably be mid-June at the earliest.