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General Information

  • Logbook
  • If you are not already subscribed please sign up to nps and nps_daq at:
  • Slack
  • NPS on CUE system
Brad's Hall A/C computing tricks and tips
/work/hallc/nps for development code, etc (NB not backed up)
/volatile/hallc/nps for large data file (write to tape if anything you want to keep: /mss/hallc/c-nps/analysis)
/mss/hallc/c-nps/raw is where raw data will go.
  • hcana and replay set up instructions (for pionLT run)

Zoom link


  • DAQ and firmware
  • Slow controls
  • Software
  • Other business

Software task list (draft)

  • Near-term priorities (for summer tests)
    • hcana FADC mode 10 code (Mark, David) -- DONE
    • hcana NPS class, replay script and database file (Steve Wood, Carlos Yero, David) -- DONE
    • online display and cosmic calibration scripts (Julie, Pramita, Alexandre, Zheng) -- DONE
  • Medium-term (summer - fall)
    • code to handle VTP data in hcana (David)
    • data unblocking (David, Brad, Bryan)
    • geant4 simulation (Marie, Deb)
    • online interface with ET system (Paul, Zheng)
  • Longer term
    • offline reconstruction and clustering (Steve Wood, Carlos Yero, Julie and others)
    • offline calibration scripts (??)

DAQ update (from Brad)

  • Hakob is continuing with the cable bundling efforts in the ESB.
  • Some members of the French group are on-site and working on hooking up temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Fernando plans to test the effectiveness of noise suppression at the FADC digitiser, although there are some concerns about this being a long-term solution to the noise issue.
  • NPS how-to is on the wiki [1]

Software update (from Zheng)

  • Single-arm SHMS SIMC studies were presented.

Software update (from David)

  • Based on the hcana classes and replay files developed by Steve Wood and Carlos Yero. Still some issues to be tidied up, but it already decodes writes the 26-sample waveform to a root tree.
  • Example event display available in replay repo above under macros (also here [2]).

Next meeting

Thursday 13th October at 8.30am EST