Meeting 24 April 2018

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Discussion about "10-page" document DRAFT 4/24/2018

  • Start editing sections I-V and Appendix 2 (David H., Thia, Tanja)
  • Executive summary should be a conclusion with section references, 1 page
  • Standardization of beam energies, currents, dose units etc.
  • Total document length will likely be more than 10 pages in the end, but ok with conclusion up front
  • Add global contributor list at beginning
* Add line numbers to draft for people to comment
  • Replace Fig. 6 with more up to date version
  • Sections VI and Appendix 1 need further material and be consistent with the other sections
  • Impact of radiation dose on coils, what materials to use, etc.
  • Installation/deinstallation of COS
  • Floor loading
  • Bogdan will take a look at section VI, Igor at appendix 1

Discussion about procedure and timeline

  • Document should be submitted to lab by experiment contact person copying other spokespeople, NPS/CPS and Hall representatives
  • Timeline: complete and submit document before PAC, e.g. end of May

Next meetings:

  • May 8: check in on missing pieces (section VI and appendix 1)
  • May 22: check before submitting