Meeting 27 March 2018

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Result for backward shielding and optimization of shielding overall (Parker/Bogdan)

CPS Update (Jixie)

Initial draft 10-page document


* Action items for next meeting on Tuesday, 10 April at 3:00pm (EST):

  • Prepare drafts for all sections of the 10-page document (all, see section assignment)
  • Prepare figures for the 10-page paper based on Parker's 3/27 presentation (Parker/Bogdan)
  • for slide 17: figures for both "original CPS shielding" and "CPS shielding" (i.e. with the +10 cm and borated poly, the "extra" case) for combined, photon, and neutron separately.
  • for slide 18: figures labeled with:
  • "Combined with CPS shielding"
  • "Gamma contribution with CPS shielding"
  • "Neutron contribution with CPS shielding"
  • and then the same plots assuming 11 GeV beam, 2.7 muA beam current and a 10% radiation length target, i.e., there is no CPS or shielding at all.
  • "Combined without CPS and shielding"
  • "Gamma contribution without CPS and shielding"
  • "Neutron contribution without CPS and shielding"
  • Update on ongoing simulations with "black hole" after stopper and figures for 10-page document (Jixie)

  • Discussion FLUKA simulation
  • Fixed issue with dose rates - it was due to an incorrect modeling of the beam dump opening. Now get more realistic radiation from that source
  • 1 MeV neutron equivalent now in good agreement with expectation from 2012 simulations performed by Pavel
  • Dose rate at 100 uA consistent with corrected Snoopy neutron detector data (900 mrem/hr)
  • Optimization study with 50 cm W and 10 cm of 5% borated polyethylene for top, front and back - this is extra 10 cm of W and extra 10cm of borated polyethylene in the backward region. The extra 10 cm plastic stops spilling n the backward region
  • To demonstrate effectiveness of shielding plot dose rate vs. distance with and without CPS
  • Show radiation levels on pivot after nominal 1000 hrs and 1 hour waiting, and also after 100 hrs and 1 hour of waiting
  • Discussion of simulation update
  • Implemented "black hole" after stopper, simulation is running
  • Disussion of 10-page document draft
  • General concept is: 1) Introduction of subject, 2) CPS concept, 3) Results to demonstrate that CPS can be built
  • Need to include sufficient quantification, e.g. factor 1000 in section III.D - could refer to published data
  • In "Safety and Engineering" include more detail, e.g. heat density and how one can cool easily - might take 3-4 pages for this section
  • Figures in main text:
  • CPS components
  • Magnetic field and why
  • Impact of plastic
  • Neutron equivalent damage
  • Prompt dose rates and boundary
  • Activation doses
  • Appendix 1 - concept transfer to Hall D
  • Include figure of photon radiation with and without CPS
  • Add bullet: to reduce power density in magnet could either reduce the magnetic field or use a double raster system as done for Hall A/C
  • Optimization of material