Meeting 8 May 2018

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  • Edits of section II and III (Donal/Dustin)
  • Simulation for thinner shielding and corresponding increase in radiation (Jixie)
  • Check details and edit section VI (Bogdan/Rolf)
  • General editing and section I (Tanja, David, Thia)

Discussion about "10-page" document DRAFT 5/8/2018

  • Edits in this draft:
  • first page with authors
  • line numbers
  • increased figure sizes
  • updated text from Bogdan for sections III and VI
  • updated figures 19/20 from Jixie
  • a new, additional figure 22 (p.24) from Jixie that may be of interest in the Engineering&Safety section (VI)
  • updated Appendix 1
  • an additional figure 25 (p. 27) in Appendix 1
  • updated bibliography
  • Discussion of these edits and any additional ones needed
  • Section I needs updating
  • Section III discussion
  • page 2: line wrapping
  • page 7: edit red paragraph to convey succinctly that "desired spot size is 1mm and that this design can deliver this and hat 2mm would be fine in principle"
  • page 9: remove the red paragraph here, but include information about target motion in earlier section, e.g. different conditions from electron beam and address these with an effectively rastered photon beam; also include an overview of sections and connections between them in Section I
  • Section VI
  • globally requires revisions to better match the design presented here, e.g. pre-assembly and installation
  • page 22 list - add numbers
  • Discussion about girder and possible changed needed - Bogdan and Rolf will go to Hall C and take a look in person
  • Discussion about cost estimate - ~$3M based on concept with W powder
  • Check if all numbers in table correct and recent
  • Check if material thickness can be reduced and what the resulting increase in radiation would be, e.g. shave off 5 cm from sides and 5 cm from back and 10 cm from front and redo calculations with FLUKA