NPS DAQ/Electronics and Analyzer Meeting (online, 2/25 2022)

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DAQ/Electronics/Analyzer Task List (B. Sawatzky)

Examples of Day0 Histograms - based on ComCal (V. Berdnikov)

Preliminary Detector check out list (J.Roche)

  • 0. Preliminary
    • 0.1 Check box enclosure is light tight
    • 0.2 Check temperature control
    • 0.3 Check HV control basic function
    • 0.4 DAQ ready
    • 0.5 Decoding ready
  • 1. Check cabling/decoding
    • 1.1 Very slow way: turn HV one by one, observe signal on scope, then repeat process to check that the signal gets decoded in the expected channel
    • 1.2 Slow way: turn HV one by one and check that the signal gets decoded in the expected channel.
    • 1.3 Faster way: shine a LED in front of each blocks in an expected way. Check that the signal shows up in the expected channel at the expected time
  • 2. With LED panel
    • 2.1 Perform a rough gain matching of the blocks. The LED panel will probably not illuminate all block similarly. The goal is is to test our understanding of the variation of the gain with HV and exercise this process.
    • 2.2 Check shape of the output signal. All signal should have the same rise time and fall time. Check for cables not well set, refection etc..
    • 2.3 Test cross-talk through the cables. This is a sanity check as we don't expect this to be an issue with the FADC
  • 2. Cosmic data
    • 2.1 Setup a trigger with a cosmic paddle above and below the calorimeter
    • 2.2 Perform a gain matching using vertical cosmic. For each column, select event with a large signal in the top and on the bottom blocks to select vertical cosmic.
    • 2.3 check gain variation with temperature. (Hamlet suggest doing this with LED as the effect is expected to be small2%/oC)
      • 2.3.1 maybe raise temp by a few degree, check gain matching still exist
      • 2.3.2 allow for gradient of temperature within the box and check for gain “de”-matching