Parallel Session Conveners

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Detectors, Computing, and New Technologies

David Blyth (ANL)
Laura Gonella (Birmingham U.)
Marco Battaglieri (INFN)

3D Imaging, Mass and Spin

Cedric Mezrag (Roma)
Itaru Nakagawa (RIKEN)
Nobuo Sato (UConn)

Jets, Energy Loss, Hadronization, and Nuclear Structure

Sylvester Joosten (Temple U.)
Zhongbo Kang (UCLA)
Abhijit Majumder (Wayne State)

Collective Effects in Nucleons and Nuclei

Vadim Guzey (U. of Jyvaskyla/Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute)
Jiangyong Jia (SBU)
Pia Zurita (BNL)