SciGlass Meeting Agenda 8/23/22

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  • Status SciGlass blocks 40cm
  • Measurement results from IJCLab-Orsay on 20cm SciGlass blocks from Spring 2022
  • Report from Yuwei Link
  • Results from cosmic measurements of 20cm SciGlass blocks from Spring 2022 (note: the "green" block is not the same one that was measured at IJCLab-Orsay)
  • Picture of the blocks measured Pic
  • Cosmic ray setup Pic
  • Light yield as function of distance from the PMT using cosmics setup Link
  • Transmittance measurements of 40cm blocks - first polished detector prototype blocks received in August 2022
  • Blocks in the transmittance measurement setup Pic
  • Initial transmittance results for 40cm blocks vs. 20cm block and PWO Link
  • Other