Special Meeting Grounding Scheme Summary 9/22/21

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PARTICIPANTS: Carlos, Fernando, Thi, Emmanuel, Vladimir, Tanja, Brad


  • Option to connect PCB+aluminum part
  • Enclosure already grounded through mechanical attachment to structure - cannot isolate detector from support structure
  • mu metal shield already connected to mechanical structure
  • make sure that shielding ground (through mechanical structure) is separate from electronics ground
  • Can put provision on PCB board for additional grounding - activating this feature would take some labor though (unplug, activate, reinstall, etc.)
  • general agreement that it captures all features of NPS grounding
  • next: put sketch into CAD for more detailed discussion
  • Main NPS box isolated from carriage
  • How to test grounding scheme
  • can do some tests in the lab - some simulations possible
  • ultimately will have to test when all is assembled
  • Need information on position of connector on PCB
  • Action items:
  • generate CAD for NPS grounding
  • finalize design of PCB - need position of connector
  • test optimized divider (Vladimir)
  • Estimated timeline:
  • finalize PCB design
  • prototype new PCB and testing
  • production - should be in place by end of the year