Summary 1/19/17

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  • Introduction
  • Discussion about PbWO4 crystal and PMT procurement for FY17
  • Discussion about chemical analysis details and future tests
  • Magnet status
  • Discussion about NPS beam pipe design at small angles
  • Discussion about upcoming procurement of yoke and corrector coil
  • Next steps include: finish detector design, design support platform (mechanical/civil), layout of utilities, detector interference, assembly of magnet and fringe field mapping.
  • Status on PbWO4 testing and readout
  • Discussion about impact of doping on light yield and radiation resistance
  • Discussion about radiation resistance studies, in particular dose rate measurement
  • Discussion about interest of APD/SiPM based readout of PbWO4 for SOLID and EIC - should continue these studies, also perform test in anechoic chamber
  • Large Aperture Polarized Target
  • Discussion about design concept
  • Discussion about further studies
  • Photon sources: pure photon source
  • Discussion about advantages, design details, and differences from last year design, e.g. required magnet strength
  • Discussion about physics to get out of WACS
  • Timelike Compton Scattering with Transverse Target
  • Discussion about physics goals and competitiveness of method
  • Discussion about Action Items for 2017