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From Brad:

  • Walt Akers reports the schedule for our space in the EEL building is still on track for us to move in at the end of April.
  • I created a logbook that we can use during commissioning/checkout: https://logbooks.jlab.org/book/nps. When it comes time for it, I'll have CODA put autologs there, etc.
  • Located examples (git repos with people) of existing 'proof of principle' 'unblocking' code (for CODA).
  • In the process of cleaning up the NPS tape stub locations a little:
  • '/mss/hallc/c-nps' will be renamed to '/mss/hallc/c-nps/analysis'
  • This is where simulation and analysis output will go
  • a new 'raw' data stub will be created at '/mss/hallc/c-nps/raw'
  • This is where raw data (only) will go (it is handled a little differently)
  • The corresponding /cache paths will be updated to match.