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General Information

  • Logbook
  • If you are not already subscribed please sign up to nps and nps_daq at:
  • Slack
  • NPS on CUE system
Brad's Hall A/C computing tricks and tips
/work/hallc/nps for development code, etc (NB not backed up)
/volatile/hallc/nps for large data file (write to tape if anything you want to keep: /mss/hallc/c-nps/analysis)
/mss/hallc/c-nps/raw is where raw data will go.
  • hcana and replay set up instructions (for pionLT run)

Zoom link


  • DAQ and firmware
  • Slow controls
  • Software (see below)
  • Other business

DAQ update (from Brad)

  • Assembly ongoing in EEL108
  • Move cdaql3 from counting house to EEL
  • Brad and Bryan have been looking at setting up CODA3 filesystem layout
  • Also been talking with Ben about status of required firmware

Software task list (draft)

  • Near-term priorities (for summer tests)
    • hcana FADC mode 10 code (Mark, David) -- DONE
    • collect everything together on GitHub (David)
    • hcana NPS class, replay script and database file (David)
    • online display and cosmic calibration scripts (Julie, Pramita, Alexandre, Zheng)
    • code to handle VTP data in hcana (David)
  • Medium-term (summer - fall)
    • data unblocking (David, Brad, Bryan)
    • geant4 simulation (Marie, Deb)
    • online interface with ET system (Paul)
  • Longer term
    • offline reconstruction and clustering (Steve, Carlos Y, Julie, Pramita)
    • offline calibration scripts (??)

Software discussion

  • Pramita gave an update of the progress they have made with looking at the SHMS pionLT FADC mode10 data.
  • Paul volunteered to look at integration with ET system.
PolHe3 software developed by Sylvester and Whit (some details here and here -- NB required different (non-standard) evio library).
  • Ben going to provide VTP update at next main NPS meeting (30th June)?
  • It will be important to collect everything we have together on JLab github:
NPS team
Geant4 simulation current GitHub
NPS analysis software (Carlos Yero) GitHub (report here)
  • Mark is going to integrate the firmware_update changes into the main hcana develop branch.
  • Marie, Deb and David to meet next week to discuss geant4 simulation efforts.
  • We'll set up a meeting with Bryan M in early July to discuss data unblocking:
examples from Compton DAQ and proof-of-principle.

Next meeting

Thursday 14th July at 9am EST