JLUO input to the LRP process (draft)

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The JLab Users Organization, in preparation for the DNP QCD Town Meeting and the NSAC Long Range Plan exercise,

  • Embraces with the highest priority the scientific capitalization of investments made at CEBAF, the nation’s premier QCD facility, and strongly supports optimal running of the 12 GeV program, including the construction of the SOLID detector, the development of a positron beam, the luminosity upgrade of the CLAS12 detector and the implementation of a secondary KL beam;

  • Considers that the highest priority for new construction should be the Electron-Ion Collider (EIC);

  • Recommends to continue refining the science potential and technological opportunities of an energy upgrade of the CEBAF facility that shall open precision science, complementary to the EIC, in a variety of areas;

  • Recommends to continue exploring the science potential of a second detector and interaction region at the EIC that shall extend the science portfolio of the facility;

  • Considers advanced computing, especially the application of AI/ML/DL algorithms to analysis, simulation, and data acquisition efforts, to be a key element for the successful progress in nuclear physics;

  • Recommends investments in nuclear theory, which are an integral part of the scientific program at JLab and the future EIC;

  • Supports pursuing diversity and inclusion policies that lead to outstanding contributions to research, education, and innovation.

Posted: Sep 15, 2022

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