Statement on the War in Ukraine

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Dear JLab Colleagues,

The undersigned members of the JLUO Board of Directors condemn the war against Ukraine, initiated by the Russian government, and send our support to the Ukrainian people, our Ukrainian colleagues, and all others directly or indirectly affected. We suffer to see their lives and their families in danger. We salute the courage of our Russian colleagues who have denounced this war despite the risks involved. We call for an immediate end to this violation of human rights and national sovereignty, and we call for and support sustained, united efforts by the international community to hold those responsible to account and stop these atrocities.

If you would like to help, here is a list of  international and Ukraine-based organizations and charities: 

Astrid Blin

Edward Brash

Marco Contalbrigo

Raffaella De Vita

Florian Hauenstein

Carlos Munoz Camacho

Kent Paschke

Andrew Puckett

Daria Sokhan

Justin Stevens

Ezekiel Wertz