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Present Roster of JLUO BoD

  1. Officers
    1. Chair: Ed Brash (Christopher Newport University)
    2. Chair-Elect: Carlos Muñoz Camacho (IJCLab, Orsay)
    3. Vice-Chair: Marco Contalbrigo (INFN)
    4. Past-Chair: Kent Paschke (University of Virginia)
    5. Secretary/Treasurer: Lorelei Carlson (Jefferson Lab)
  2. At-large members
    1. Raffaella De Vita (INFN)
    2. Xiaochao Zheng (UVA)
    3. Andrew Puckett (UCONN)
    4. Daria Sokhan (University of Glasgow)
    5. Justin Stevens (William and Mary)
  3. Members representing specific constituencies:
    1. Florian Hauenstein (Old Dominion U): Postdocs
    2. Astrid Hiller Blin (JLab): Experiment/Theory Liaison
    3. Zeke Wertz (William and Mary): Graduate Students
  4. User Representatives on Lab committees:
    1. Director's Safety Council: Ed Brash
    2. Diversity and Inclusion Committee: Wouter Deconnick
    3. JLab radiation review committee: C. Hyde

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