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Dear JPos17 International Adivsory Committee Member,

We thank you for accepting to serve on the advisory committee of the International Workshop on Physics with Positrons at Jefferson Lab (JPos17). The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the physics opportunities offered by the perspective of a polarized positron beam in the context of JLab 12 GeV and a future electron-ion collider. The production technology of a suitable polarized positron beam is also germane to the workshop as well as applications of such beams in the several tens to hundreds keV. Discussions at the workshop and its proceedings are intended to be the basis for constituting a White Paper for a positron physics and R&D program at Jefferson Lab.

The workshop will be held at Jefferson Lab in Newport News, planned to begin Tuesday, September 12th and end on Friday, September 15th, in 2017. It will constitute invited talks, selected contributions, and posters. Indicative of a broad interest in positron physics at JLab, the meeting is jointly sponsored by Jefferson Science Associates, Jefferson Lab, and the Institut de Physique Nucléaire of Orsay.

Key to a successful meeting is your contribution to steer the workshop program and solicit relevant speakers, so in advance, we thank you for your contribution to this process. To support our goals, we would like your initial suggestions for invited speakers to this workshop by FRIDAY, MARCH 3rd. A collected list of the topics we wish to address is listed here. However, there are at this point no limitations.

- Multi-photon physics
- Deeply virtual Compton scattering
- Electroweak structure of hadrons
- Heavy quark production
- Beyond the Standard Model physics 
- Low energy polarized positron beam applications
- Polarized electron and positron sources
- Multi-turn accumulation and fast kickers
- Positron beams at CEBAF, JLEIC and LERF

Further information is available at the link https://wiki.jlab.org/pwg

Best regards,

JPos17 Organizing Committee,

J. Arrington           ( ANL, Argonne)
M. Battaglieri         (INFN, Genova)
Y. Furletova           (JLab, Newport News)
T. Forest              ( ISU, Pocatello)
J. Grames (co-Chair)   (JLab, Newport News)
C. Hyde                ( ODU, Norfolk)
W. Melnitchouk         (JLab, Newport News)
V. Morozov             (JLab, Newport News)
F. Selim               (BGSU, Bowling Green) 
E. Voutier (co-Chair)  (IPNO, Orsay)
X. Zheng               ( UVa, Charlottesville)