Positron Source and Beam Physics Sub-Group

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The efficient transfer of polarization from electrons to positrons (>80%) has been demonstrated by the PEPPo experiment and offers a new pathway to use low energy polarized electron beams (10-100 MeV) to promptly produce polarized positrons suitable for acceleration. A challenging aspect of the positron injector is the optimization required to achieve the desired beam characteristics, such as beam intensity, transverse emittance (size), bunch length and energy spread (longitudinal emittance) necessary and be well-mated to the accelerator design (e.g. 12 GeV CEBAF, LERF, JLEIC). A core activity of this sub-group is to evaluate the user requirements, accelerator integration and assess the merits and risks of different schemes appropriate for JLab, in order to summarize and recommend the R&D needed for a successful positron physics program.

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