200 kV gun

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High voltage test => evaluate onset of field emission in small HV chamber with tee electrode
Install high voltage insulator or PIG
Plan media:200817_Tee_Evaluation.pptx
Gun work => replace cathode in small HV chamber with small shed and tee electrode
Install and align new small shed (cut from large shed) SS tee w/ conductive insulator
Replace 10" anode flange (no change to anode spider - tube - anode) with tapped flange for BPM
Remove inline getters
Build new 2I beam line (BPM-tube-BPM-tube/FX-bellows-BPM-valve)
High voltage test => evaluate on set of field emission, high voltage gas condition to 200 kV no FE
The spreadsheet below contains procedures for the gun high voltage jobs described above and also for Wien filter HV evaluation

Media:High Voltage Work Gun2 & Wien filters.xlsx

Gun work place holder => replace with large HV chamber, large tee w/ shed and off set biased anode