Bubble Demo ME April 18, 2014

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April 18, 2014

Shaun, Danny, Riad, Joe reviewed goals of the Demo and Final experiment installations.

Action Items:


Complete DL design

4/25 - Send drawing package to Joe, Joe speak w/ Jay about, we'll build 2 full magnets if cost allows

Layout for DEMO installation

4/25 - Good progress, components from cup to bubble chamber needs attention, sweep dipole attention

Generate drawing list

4/25 - Not done yet. Estimate of 5-10 drawings.


Investigate who should lead DL purchase


What are the collimator dimensions?

4/25 - ANL has three 4" diameter by 6" long OFHC copper bars. Thus, these are the dimensions of our collimator. I still need to figure out the size of the hole in the collimator.

Who will fabricate collimator (JLAB or ANL)?

4/25 - Argonne will machine collimator.

What are the aluminum dump dimensions?

4/25 - No update

Estimate of lead shielding (Demo and Final)

4/25 - No update


What are ceramic break dimensions?

We have ceramic breaks in EEL-118. Here are two options: a "long" one which is 4-1/4" overall length and a "short" one which is 2-9/16" overall length. Both have 2-3/4" end flanges; one is rotatable and one is not.

140421 ceramic options.jpg

What are the PEPPo Faraday cup dimensions?

The assembly is stored in EEL-117 shown in the photo below. The 6-way cross includes both 4-1/2" and 4-5/8" flanges. Details of the assembly are shown in the assembly drawing below. The faraday cup assembly, viewer assembly, optical port to see view screen as installed and the thin beam exit Al window remained attached since the experiment and should be "vacuum ready". The ports for beam entrance and ion pump were the only vacuum disconnects made thus far and are blanked off.

140421 fcup assembly.jpg

What are the fast valve sensor dimensions?

Reference: Media:770SH-99NN_dwg.pdf 
Reference: Media:770SH-99NN_manual.pdf 

The REQ for the fast valve hardware and controls is 342235. This req calls out to use an ionization cold cathode gauge p/n: 770SH-99NN-0001. I didn't have much success Google-ing that part, but instead downloaded the VAT Incorporated Vacuum Valves 2016 manual which includes their Fast Valve "77" system. Although not called out explicitly the p/n referred to above corresponds to their "HV" or "High Vacuum" sensor. A screen grab of the sensor and the dimensions is shown here units are millimeters and [inches]. Consequently, we will need a "free" 2-3/4" port. Nothing protrudes into vacuum space.

140421 VAT Gauge.png