CEBAF laser table historical photos and layout pdf's

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Matt Photo.
Matt Poelker checks the laser table
John Photo.
John Hansknecht tests new laser
2016 Photo.
Four Hall laser table
2016 Photo.
seeded tapered Stripe laser amplifier
active seeded modelocked Ti-sapphire laser
AOM modelocked 31MHz G0 laser built by CEBAF 2002

1996 laser table media: 1996 laser table.pdf

1999 laser table media: 1999 laser table.pdf

2003 laser table (pre Gzero experiment) media: 2003 laser table.pdf

2003 Gzero laser table media: 2003 Gzero laser table.pdf

2005 was a turning point at CEBAF. Proposing a fiber laser system. media: fiber laser 2005.pptx

2005 Fiber laser test results media: fiber laser 2005 update.pptx

January 2006 laser table [[media: January2006 laser table.pdf]}

June 2011 laser table media: table June_2011.pdf

July 2016 laser table media: 2016 laser table.pdf