GTS meeting 10 06 15

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  • Sheep Chamber
    • Phil has connected the ion pump from the sheep chamber and the ion pump from gun vacuum chamber to the bake pump using flexible hoses.
    • All the ports have been blanked off. The bottom port has now three viewports.
    • It seems that the turbo pump "cube" cart has problems. The rotation speed does not go beyond 1400 Hz, and seems to slow down within a few minutes.
    • We have a second turbo pump but has to be disconnected form the LERF 1/4 CM by Frank Humphry.
    • For discussion today:
      • What we do need for the prep chamber?
      • Phil, do we have the hardware needed for mounting the spider/anode?, Do we want to install a gate valve to the new anode spool piece? or do we mount a blank flange for now? Do we have 2 extra 2-3/4" viewports for the new anode spool piece?

Sheep chamber blanked off 01.jpg

Sheep chamber blanked off 02.jpg

Sheep chamber blanked off 03.jpg

  • Electrode Polishing
    • Bubba is done polishing the shed and the ball
    • He will work next on the front and back-end pieces. I expect to have those ready for cleaning by the end of this week.
    • Then all the pieces will get UHV cleaned, followed with vacuum degassed in Big Blue.

Shed done 01.jpg

Shed done 02.jpg

Shed done 03.jpg

Ball almost done 01.jpg

Ball electrode before and after polishing.jpg