GTS meeting 1 26 16

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  • John has completed the mechanical design of the shed based on Yan's optimization. John suggests to hog out the shed to reduce weight, Yan's preliminary simulations show this does not affect the field, but he will generate graphs showing the potential along the insulator with various shade options. Media:John's_design_of_Yan's_optmized_shed_for_R30_insulator.pdf
  • Phil and Bubba are making progress with the beamline:
  • We met today with S&A in the GTS. They will be able to align the gun, girder and beamline in ~ 2 weeks. They requested beamline sketch with a list of elements, an ATList entry, and a charge code...
  • Preparations for Juelich contingent visit?
    • Straighten up GTS vault
    • Re-connect RadMonitors and Gun IP to UHV controller
    • "Pre-flight" HV check next Tuesday?
    • What else?
  • Beamline-taking-shape.jpg
  • Beamline-detail-DP-viewer.jpg