GTS meeting 8 14 17

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  • Emittance Measurements - Yan

At GTS, we have: YAG:Ce, both sides polished, dimensions: dia. 50.8 x 0.1 mm, AR coating centered at 550 nm on both sides, reflectivity 0.5 % at 500-600 nm, <1 % at 470-670 nm.

  • ASTRA Simulation - Sajini:
Solutions to the Reiser's equation for the new magnetic field map: media:Mismatch_oscillation_plots_for_new_field_map_14August2017.xlsx
ASTRA simulations for the new magnetic field, the x_rms vs z and x_avg vs z plots (beam is nearly off by 5mm): media:300kV_0_106mm_xyoff_new_field_map_8_7_x_rms_vs_I_14August2017.xlsx