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  • The steel magnet yoke and its coil are stored in the Wien cabinet in the test lab. Both coil and and steel yoke are copies of the CEBAF upgrade Wiens, to operate at 15 A for 200 keV beam.
  1. Mount vacuum chamber on its new alignment-adjustable stand
  2. Mount the coils to the magnet using the custom made tabs that hold the coil to each end of the magnet yoke.
  3. Mount the magnet-coil assembly to the vacuum chamber, and secure the magnet yoke with the Allen-head screws
  4. Install Ni end plates to each side of the vacuum chamber
  5. Coordinate with M. Beck/J. Meyers for magnetic field measurements like the one done for the CEBAF Upgrade Wiens
  • Bubba finished assembling the magnet and coil, then mounted the assembly onto the U-Wien vacuum chamber and installed the Ni end plates. He took the assembly to magnet test on Fri Oct 1st.
  • J. Meyers says they will be ready for measuring the magnetic field starting in November.
  • Wien blue 10-1-2021.jpg