March 17, 2017 - 200kV gun upgrade meeting

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Last week's action items

1. Carlos/Gabriel/Bubba - Move gun to Test Lab. Validate Matt's assertion of plug-and-play of pure alumina vs. conductive insulator, determine stack-up of flange+insulator+electrode. Close layout/geometry loop between chamber + ME drawings + Poisson. Assess stock materials for shed/electrode e.g. Nb/Nb or SS/SS. Main goal is electrode design, but give some thought to testing HV chamber before dismantling.

media:170317_Gabriel.pptx, media:170317_Gabriel.pdf

2. Phil/Joe - See if can locate two large diameter BPM cans, recall existing length of shorter tunnel NEG w/ bellows each end, sketch proposed tube w/ BPM, magnets, does it all fit?, check with Pete about two channels of electronics

Pete says super easy
Installed already: VME electronics, wiring, interconnects, downstairs cables
Already purchased, ready to install: (2) Transport RF modules, Lmr cable sets for 2 bpm cans
To do : Install, RG58 cables, update CED, update IOCINSE4, Menu and BPM screens

3. Marcy - Plan A for vacuum can/diagnostics at gun3 valve, what is useful and makes sense.

4. Joe/Scott - Identify hooks into gun switch software (controls, interlocks), propose modification to allow for gun3 removal

Met w/ Scott Higgins
Eliminate Gun3 options, w/o breaking dependencies
Scott will start building a new simplified page, summarize dependencies
Timeframe : May-June for test, ready for July

5. John/Matt/Joe - Move Spellman to Test Lab, restore comm for controls to power itself, then test w/ Ross probe, get TOSP ready for HV to Spellman, vacuum chamber, start discussion w/ software for EPICS application.

Good progress this week...
John moved two Spellman supplies to UITF (one for EPICS app, one for Gun2 HV tests)
Pam assigned Mike Johnson as the lead, Scott Higgins will involved and start training Mike on present Glassman HVPS, interfaces

6. Carlos/John/software - Deploy a radmon at UITF; use FEL control box?, purchase GM tubes, port software app, add to archiver

New action items

Electrode/insulator design/fabrication
Danny/Gabriel/Carlos will iterate on final design : minimize gap over triple point, optimize ceramic/metal gap curvature
Build electrode/shed from one piece of material 8" cube, not enough Nb, go w/ SS
Matt will check on 316LN vacuum melt, but let's still check what shop used for 350kV ball electrodes, maybe save time and money
Plan is to vacuum fire 900C, barrel polish before attaching to ceramic
Reuse springs/rollers/cage, but new rear support ring optimized for electrode
Collect as-found on white insulator assembly and black insulator
Finalize design by next week, get to shop
Vacuum chamber/considerations
Plan A - Use as-is, but identify/repair short of NEG isolation, retain leak valve but add right angle for isolation
Do we forego NEG isolation and remove unnecessary ceramic plates (fallen to bottom of chamber)
Plan B - Rotate NEG's => remove NEG's, weld support rods, NEG coat chamber, return X number of NEGs, new ground screen, retain leak valve w/ right angle valve
Gun2 NEG Tube
As-found of existing Gun2 NEG
Find/leak check cans
Give Danny sketch of sequence for new tube w/ BPM's + magnets, eliminate/shorten downstream bellows
All assembled FH solenoids spoken for; take from Gun3, maybe spare parts, or fabricate new coils
Retain downstream chamber w/ extractor, RGA, GP-100 w/o NF3/Cs
Remove gun table and HV section
As-found of existing Gun3
Spellman HVPS update...
Radmon update...