PQB Meeting March 26, 2015

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We will meet in TL 2236 Thursday March 26 at 1:00 pm EST.

For those calling in we'll use the Blue Jeans [1] audio conference system.

Phone number: 1-888-240-2560
Meeting ID: 3528502673#
Meeting URL: http://bluejeans.com/3528502673


  1. PQB To-do List: media:PQB_To-do_List_March2015.pdf media:PQB_To-do_List_March2015.pptx
  2. Mark Pitt: BCM bench studies, BPM plans in Hall A, Halo Monitoring plans in Hall A media: pqb_pitt_march_2015.pdf

Notes from this meeting:

  • John Musson Tech Note: Functional Description of Algorithms used in Digital Receivers. JLAB-TN-14-028 media:JLAB-TN-14-028.pdf
  • Desired Near-Term Hall A Beamline Instrumentation for MOLLER Development

K. Kumar et al., Hall A MOLLER Collaboration media:MOLLER_hall_a_beam_line_inst_request.pdf