Y-chamber Laser Window

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Plan to test and choose laser window under vacuum w/ y-chamber

Test schematic
  • windows to test => Joe put ready in UITF laser room, includes Gun2 & Gun3 windows marked
  • vacuum chamber w/ small bread board => Marcy/Phil located ready in 1137
  • vacuum pump w/ gauage => ready in 1137
  • laser @ 780 nm
  • 2 polarizers => there are two in UITF laser room
  • QWP => ?
  • photodiode or power meter =>
  • 2 silver mirrors/dielectric mirrors and mirror mounts

Some pics of new Y-chamber and beam line model

Phase 1 upgrade started two weeks ago media:201002_AIPINJCAD.JPG
New y-laser chamber media:thumbnail_IMG_20201002_094527437.jpg

Caryn's prior air-measurements

With lip = mushroom (2 out of 2 are 'good' when not under vacuum) media:IMG_20200309_175510.jpeg
Without lip = zero profile (1 out of 2 are 'good' when not under vacuum) media:IMG_20200309_151848.jpg