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  1. G. Palacios Serrano, P. Adderley, H. Baumgart, J. Benesch, D. Bullard, J. Grames, C. Hernandez-Garcia, A. Hofler, D. Machie, M. Poelker, M. Stutzman and R. Suleiman. “A 200 keV Wien filter spin rotator design and high voltage evaluation”. (IPAC2021) media: IPAC_2021_poster_slides_final_Gabriel_Palacios.pptx
  2. G. Palacios Serrano, “Electrostatic Design and Characterization of a 200 keV Photogun and Wien Spin Rotator”. Remote presentation at the Electron Ion Collider Seminar at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Upton, NY (February 2021)media: BNL_presentation_Gabriel_Palacios_FINAL.pptx
  3. G. Palacios Serrano, “The Wien Filter Spin Rotator Energy Upgrade at Jefferson Lab”. Presentation at the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Seminar. Norfolk, VA (September 2020). media: Grad_student_seminar_ODU_fall_2020_The_Wien_filter_ANIMATED.pptx


  1. Mason Stoecker, Virginia Tech summer intern, "Computation of Bremsstrahlung Radiation and Ionization Phenomenon in a CEBAF LINAC", media:Mason Stoecker gas brem poster.pptx
  2. Max Herbert, Technical University Darmstadt, "Photo-CATCH – A Test Facility for the S-DALINAC Polarized Injector", building the Darmstadt University 200 kV inverted photogun, media:M Herbert 200kV photogun.pptx


  1. Elliott Holliday ODU REU program, "Creation of Jefferson Lab 200 kV Electron Gun Upgrade (poster)", media:Elliott Holliday REU 2017 poster.pptx, Media:Elliott Holliday REU 2017 paper.docx
  2. Anahi Segovia, Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas, Mexican Accelerator Physics program, "Assembling NEG, Ion Pump and Bakeable BNNT Cryopump System to Reach XHV", Media:Anahi_poster_final.pdf, Media:Anahi_paper_final.pdf


  1. Maria Hernandez-Flores (aka Chio), "Effects of Vacuum on the Performance of Cryo-cooled Bialkali Antimonide Photocathodes Grown on Niobium Substrate", media:Chio's poster.pptx
  2. Tarek Eisa (High School Summer Honors Program), "Pull Force Measurements of the Magnetized Beam Solenoid", media:Tarek's poster.pptx
  3. Ben Hardy, Bowling Green State University (ODU REU program) "Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect in a Magnetized Electron Gun" Magneto-optical Kerr Effect, Media:HardyFinalReport.docx, media:HardyFinalPoster.pptx
  4. Adriana Canales, "Multi-Alkali photocathodes performance in a DC 300 kV inverted geometry electron gun", media:canales_final.pdf


  1. Edgar Morales, "Temperature Effect on CsK2Sb Photocathode over a novel Niobium Substrate", media:Edgar's poster.pptx
  2. Andrés Sánchez Pérez, "Simion Modeling for the Design of the Electron Transport System for the Micro-Mott Polarimeter", media:Andres' poster.pptx