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  • Generated beam at 275kV[1]
    • No real limitation on voltage, we stopped there b/c we observed 'beam' on the viewer. Fearing it would be Field Emission from the multi-alkali photocathode, we stopped at this voltage.
    • Later on we realized it was real photoemission beam from ambient light being picked up through the gun laser input viewport!
    • This indicated right away that the multi-alkali photocathode has good QE, contrary to what we estimated in the cathode prep chamber, see discussion below
    • We ran with the least possible amount of laser power
    • Ambien light beam and laser light beam.JPG
  • We need to fix the following:
    • Two viewer cameras (old, removed from FEL) have radiation damage, hard to see the image
    • Make a shade to prevent ambient room light reaching the photocathode
    • Carlos to coordinate with RadCon for Rad measurements during beam steering to get permission to run at full current.
  • What we must do, it would be essential, and really cool!
    • Carlos to contact software to get Keithely Dump current in EPICS
    • Shukui and Carlos to work with software for re-commissioning cathode QE scanner. This will have to be done with the gun biased at ~1kV
  • Let's discuss beam measurements plans!