HD steering coils

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New HD steering coils were designed for the A1/A2 apertures, with improved design and increased BL for 200 keV operation.

MHD status (9/11)
  • Status so far: the order was placed on september 8th with a due date of october 23. about 6.5 weeks.
  • the drawings and models have been revised to suit technicoil's comments => signed off 9/11
  • technicoil plans on ordering the materials today, they'll let us know the material delivery schedule.
  • all the coils will not be made from the same wire spool. the wire comes in 8-10 lb spools or 80-100 lb spools. they need about 20-25 lbs., so they would use 2-3 spools of 8-10 lbs. each coil will be 95 turns
  • technicoil is willing to measure actual wire diameter and make the bobbin groove width to suit, after our approval.
    • this won't cause any delays unless the wire comes later than the stainless steel.
    • wire diameter varies throughout the length on the same spool. they can measure both ends of the wire.
    • each bobbin may be different. this may cause problems if we ever re-wind wire on a bobbin.
    • their preference is to make all the bobbins have a groove width of .872". that's how they normally make such coils and have had no issues. there is allowance to use spacers in the groove if needed if the wire comes in small.
QA and Performance

MMF stores data on the HD here : M:\MagTest\DataBase\Injector\HD