June 4, 2020 - ME/INJ/CIS/CASA

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Meeting Info

We will meet Thursday @ 10am EDT via BlueJeans
Meeting URL (for video and/or audio call in): https://bluejeans.com/909497334
Phone number (for audio call in): 1-888-240-2560
Meeting ID: 909497334#


Thanks for updates this past week.

We'll go back to work next week....

Last week May 28 talking points

Plan for the upcoming SAD and injector rebuild (Grames, Adderley, Marcy, Carlos, , Bubba, Windham)

  • a. Long list of jobs for new NEG BPM's here: https://wiki.jlab.org/ciswiki/index.php/200KV_gun_BPM%27s
  • b. Capture new solenoid on NEG pipe, NEG coat them too
  • c. Assemble new Y-chamber on girder, new bottom flange, new NEG's, finish coating that chamber
  • d. Setup vacuum chamber if Caryn is going to evaluate any windows
  • e. First or second, provide UITF Wien magnet to Meyers (Phil), hi-pot and map 3 coils pairs
  • f. Second or first, rebuild UITF Wien internals to eliminate high E-points (Bubba), finalize spacers/springs/gap (Carlos/Danny remotely)
  • g. Setup rebuilt Wien in UITF and HV test (Carlos)
  • h. Work w/ Shaun to test top-hats and garage needed for John's y-chamber design
  • i. Collect up dozens of vacuum parts, clean, and get ready for SAD (pipes, bellows, top-hats)
  • j. Work w/ Danny/Shaun/S&A to fabricate and assemble new A2 aperture on a cube
  • k. Work w/ Scott to assembly dummy of motorized A1 on new cube, ready for shutdown
  • l. 11 Collect up all the girders, supports, hardware
  • m. Build two prebuncher cavities?
  • n. Work w/ shop to capture Wien quads on crosses, weld on flanges, for tunnel viewers
  • o. Build up and vacuum test the y chamber: RGA, base pressure
  • p. Build up and test the docking chamber as needed (won’t be needed until later in the shutdown)

Last Week's Talking Points - May 21

  • Progress!
First coat of green paint on "core"
Y/Laser chamber viewers
  • Design status
Wien Filter
From Mike Beck - The 6 new "Wien" coils meet dimensional check acceptance criteria and counted turn count all as required at 2 layers x 13 turns per. Will put spread sheet with dimensional data together in coming days. Also, checked resistance on all 6, the range was consistent at ~.2 ohms. The visual quality of coils that Technicoil provided are nice in appearance.  Will conduct hipot testing when able to get back onsite and confirm the rest of QA acceptance testing, fit to core (when core arrives), and mapping required.
Wien coils in crate at MMF
MHD A1/A2 Steering Coils
PSS Kicker
  • ME model status
  • Getting quotes (2-4)
Wien quads
  • CED from Gary Croke => MQW: B'L = 15 G/A with +/- 3A limits
  • Will circulate when done