March 12, 2020 - ME/INJ/CIS

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  • What is the bellows type count, how may 3" and 3.5"?
  • Chris, do you have all as-founds you need?
  • Use C channel everywhere and move pedestals ok? => Anthony says yes, do it
  • Carlos, send Shaun Wien feedthrough p/n
  • SS or Al brackets? => Use Al, now all 7-3/4" girder to beam line, girder holes whereever imagine support
  • Y-NEG chamber => Detail Y- 10" flange, NEG's here
  • DP NEG chamber => Flip DP for IP beam left, modify for new NEG's?
  • Laser vacuum window?
Caryn evaluated window types in air
Show this one for now 2-3/4"
Show layout of laser room, outrigger box, laser table
Shukui, tight, how to fit optics, inside laser room?
  • 2I spools? => ME will order, need in time to a) weld capture solenoid, b) NEG coat
  • New BPM's => Design done, feedthroughs ordered, waiting on req to MDC
  • Solenoid fixtures?
  • What is p/n for the 25S IP?
  • Viewer top-hats
What is position when retracted for Y/Laser vs. crosses?
How many spares, do we need more or different?
  • Layout
Dennis can convert Elegant to S&A coordinates
Joe, map all the elements in an Excel file, punchlist CED & modifications
Emerson Tesla (people making solenoids) backed out, Milhous quoting round/square, Lakshimi working on Jay's AT design
First article complete ~April 20th: After you receive, can you mount to the fixture plate, do your QC checks, hall probe checks....then ASAP, a 2.5" spool goes through, flanges get welded on, cleaned, then Phil needs 100 hours to NEG coat the spool, then 4 weeks later on May 18th it goes into CEBAF,
Have 3 QW, Mike testing 2 spare QW quads (capture on welded cross)
  • Correctors
Joe G tally
Technicoil working on winding fixture
Met w/ Jerry, Lakshimi working on upgraded kicker to move 200 keV beam 1cm @ 30 cm w < 200 mA (March 9 layout)
High Voltage
  • status of SS shed? (flange degased, ceramic welded, electrode cut, electrode polish, electrode mounted, fiducialize)
  • 200kV Wien Filter
Carlos, Gabriel finished evaluating UITF Wien, limited by field emission; Carlos and Bubba are reworking parts, thinking about new design

200kV Choppers 200kV Prebuncher

Hey Joe and Matt, we are building the parts now and hope to ship by the end of the month, then the cavity will be rf tested, sent back to us, and then returned to jlab for brazing. We will do our best to not be the cause of any delays. I will give you updates as the parts come together. Thanks -Brock
  • Bellows - waiting on final count
  • Right angle valves - we have 5 or 6, should be ok?
  • Gun 10" flange - signed req for (2)
  • Order 10 kV feedthroughs
  • BPM feedthroughs - ordered
  • BPM cans - waiting on req to MDC
  • Chris, what cameras will you use, will they fit?
Joe Yes we will be replacing all the old tube style cameras in the injector, and replacing them with the standard assembly that we have implemented through out the main machine as well as the KeV region in the UITF.
  • Mark/Dave, do you have a plan for 2500W solid state chopper amps?
  • Mark/Dave, do you have a plan for Brock prebuncher cavity/amp?
  • Omar, do you have BPM channel?
  • Remove hall probe
  • Wien HV controls
status of prototype test at UITF?
layout in ISB racks?
controls screens?
  • Wien Magnet PS
layout in ISB racks?
  • Is the March 9th layout ok?
  • Is the harp location OK for solenoid scans?
  • Should a viewer remain at the harp location, should this be a YAG?
  • Where else should YAG's go?
  • Can a YAG go at the laser screen, I don't think so?
  • Is the beam envelope OK for ways we run spin rotators?
What are the currents and/or B's for the solenoids and quads?
  • What are the power levels for existing or Brock prebuncher cavities, for 130 or 200 keV locations?
  • Is distance from MFG1I04A to upstream corrector far enough? or move MFG1I04A downstream, how far?
Jay is running cases
  • Is the corrector/bpm downstream A1 useful?
Assembly, Testing and Commissioning Plans