November 18, 2020 - Weekly ME meeting

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Meeting Info =

We will meet Thursday @ 10am EDT via BlueJeans
Meeting URL (for video and/or audio call in):
Phone number (for audio call in): 1-888-240-2560
Meeting ID: 909497334#
Passcode : 2864   (anybody can then start the meeting)

Meeting November 19

Phase 2
  • New chopping chamber is for sure
  • Will know about rest of jobs by Christmas
Mechanical installation status
  • Gun feet are ready.....NEXT Install moves gun table to feet
  • 2I plate drilled.....NEXT Install moves 2I magnet fixture to pedestal
  • Y pedestals ready, Shaun has (3) pins for cartridges....NEXT Install moves Y-chamber to pedestals
  • Wien pedestals aligned, grouted.....NEXT need (3) cartridge pins + Wien girder (100" + 1000 lb)
  • A1/A2 pedestals aligned, grouted....NEXT need (3) cartridge pins + A1A2 girder (70" + 800 lb)
  • Any concern adding LCW manifold, air manifold, cable tray to pedestals???
Recent ME fab jobs
  • From Shaun
a. Hose clamps for v-blocks – DONE – Marcy
b. Angles cut for Y-girder – DONE –Marcy
c. Beveled viewer plates – DONE – Marcy
d. Cartridge pins – DONE – Vince.
e. Taller Wien filter angles – Submitted to machine shop.- Shaun
Y-chamber build
  • (2) rebuilt viewers (status)
  • NEG assembly (done)
  • laser window (ready)
  • Gun3 valve reworked (done)
  • vee blocks (done)
  • Test viewer in/out stroke when chamber under vacuum
Prebuncher cavity
  • clean/dry, re-test freq, set length, weld flange
  • Build 2nd cavity (Mark says OK, but w/ update port print and two-step braze)
Viewer rebuild status
Wien filter (on-going)
  • (Status) Cut/drill/finish hose clamps for vee-block vacuum/beam tube components support, Shaun give us lengths, CIS to shop
  • (Status) 3rd set of blue Wien plates in the shop
Dummy Cube (on-going)
  • (status) Dummy Cube - assemble, deliver to MMF w/ print, fit-up test, MMF measurements
  • From Lakshmi -
a. Visited MMF yesterday for coil QA.
b. According to Mike.B, all suggested tests except temp evolution studies will be done by COB today (11/19). Awaiting results for validation and to update the test plan.
A1 cube (on-going)
  • (Status...) Waiting on A1/A2 fixtures, due early week of 11/16
  • (Done) Leak check
  • Scott is back on Thu, he can test drive aperture up/down, same thing, no probs, no shorts.
A2 cube (on-going)
  • (Status...) Waiting on A1/A2 fixtures, due early week of 11/16
  • (Done) leak check
  • insert aperture, check stroke works okay, no shorts, I'd wait for coils before finalizing with S&A
DR magnet (after Thanksgiving)
  • Full magnet (2 halves) at MMF, Milhous winding second magnet now
  • Test setup : magnet + 3" pipe + screws + shims media:201118_MDRshim.pdf
PSS kicker status
  • From Lakshmi...
a. Received the preliminary drawings from ME/MD -11/16, initiated the quote request on the same day. Follow up discussions with Vendor(s) on coil manufacturing approach-ongoing.
b. One vendor informed me that they would be able to get back to us only on the week starting 11/30 ( Their staff is under self-quarantine for COVID- 19 until 11/25)
  • (status) 5" spool?
QW assembly/testing (is there a drawing package)
  • (Arrived) Wien quad crosses shipped 11/4 from CA
  • (Status) Wien quad mounting hardware due 11/18
  • (Status) Wien quad coils due 11/20
  • From Lakshmi -
a. QA winding is progressing well ( update as on 11/13). I expect the next update today.
General Wien girder build update
  • Was girder QA'd?
General A1/A2 girder build update
  • Was girder QA'd?
  • (Status) bellows spool through the MFX solenoid on the aperture girder shipped wednesday
Remaining Jobs
  • 2 Will NEG fit 25 l/sec IP on Y => Marcy will check, ask for ENG help if needed
  • 13 MHD + MQW protective clamp shells => down the road
  • 15 DR 15 deg dipole (backup) => FY21 budget updated
ME drawings
  1. wien filter cross sub-assy - DONE
  2. wien filter cross assy
  3. wien filter girder sub-assy
  4. wien filter girder assy
  5. pss kicker magnet
  6. pss kicker magnet assy
  7. aperture girder sub-assy - DONE
  8. aperture girder assy
  9. MHD protective clamp
  10. MQW protective clamp
  11. tunnel installation drawings
  12. bread board enclosure
  13. ion pump supports - DONE, ordered due week 11/23
  14. MDR shims - DONE
  15. MQW mounting structure - DONE, ordered due around Turkey-Day
  16. Update Wien magnet/chamber drawings to reflect as-built
  17. Update viewer assembly to call out the spring we use for reliable in/out
  18. before can you dump 3D views of the regions into a folder (our last copy is Aug)
  19. before may I copy/update from your ME folder a copy of released drawings (for remote viewing)
  20. update gun table 3d model, reflect as built