PPB - Sep 28, 2021

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Meeting Info

We will meet on Wed (UAS 9am, JLab 11am, IJCLab 5pm)
Bluejeans: https://bluejeans.com/405130883/4307
Code to start the meeting 4307

Sep 29 Agenda

  • Mark- polarized positron capture up to 123 Mev media:Stefani9292021.pptx
  • Discussion- Target geometry and beam size effects on emittance
  • Standardize out we look talk about and look at Geant4/GPT,
  • parameters upstream of target, what is target
  • Geant4 distribution downside of target (500M events)
  • GPT input description)
  • number v. Z
  • energy vs. Z
  • energy spread v. Z
  • bunchlength vs. Z
  • emittance vs. Z
  • beam size vs. Z
  • polarization vs. Z
  • Xelera proposal - A high-power positron converter based on a recirculated liquid metal in-vacuum target
  • Geant4 simulations to evaluate/optimize target thickness for e+ yield/polarization distributions
  • Intellectual effort to develop a Phase 2 framework for UITF installation &
  • If helpful, could consider a trip to visit your lab

Weekly Objective(s)

  • Mark: unpolarized optimization
  • Sami: two target system

Meeting Notes & Objectives Status